Events are our life blood and we are stalwarts in the industry. This is how we get our kicks, and we make sure our clients walk away feeling totally satisfied every time. At Creative Directions we offer a full-house solution for events from concept through to execution. Our team consists of both creative and production experts who will manage every element of your event, relieving your stress and allowing you to see your function come to life in ways you would never have dreamed possible. For us, it’s all about detail: the concept must filter through into every element of the event. The process, from pre-production to post-production is carefully planned and executed with minute attention to detail.



Video is an engaging and effective way of telling a story. As the present and future of digital media, video aligns with every aspect of your communications campaign. We’ve been doing video for as long as we’ve been doing events. From real, day-in-the-life stuff to 3D animations, we create visual masterpieces with longevity. Videos that involve your exco creating a work of art for a conference; videos that use only motion graphics to convey your corporate information; documentaries that show the reality of malaria in the last-mile areas of Africa; interviews with key personalities; Virtual Reality and holograms… you name it, we’ll put it on a screen.



We love a good conference and we love to make you and your attendees love them. Conferences can seem daunting - a conference app, an inspiring speaker, an MC who can keep you captivated over several days, printing, PowerPoints, gifts, staging, exhibition areas, registration. The list of what goes into a conference is endless. We have the expertise, the passion and the manpower to deliver to the very highest standard, balancing creative excellence with logistical precision.


Outdoor Activations

With a managing director who is as passionate about outdoor activities as she is about indoor events, we love getting out and about with our clients. From hospitality areas filled with beautiful, unique furnishings, food and décor, to cheerleaders, parkour experts, skaters, graffiti artists and every conceivable surprise along the route of your outdoor event, we do it all and it’s always breath-taking. We love doing the unexpected, so your active staff and guests shouldn’t be surprised to come across a tattoo artist doing live tattoos or a trick biker popping a wheelie 10 feet off the ground!



Branding is something we do because we are passionate about our clients and how they are perceived. We often end up adding to or overhauling existing brand identities because our clients love what we do with their event artwork. Re-branding, new branding, CI manuals and apparel - if it can be branded or branded better, we’ll do it. We’ve branded some pretty strange things, created some awesome new visual identities and added subtle nuances to existing CIs.



From formal, corporate design to fun, funky design, artwork goes hand-in-hand with eventing and plays an essential role in bringing the creative vision to life. We choose a designer based on who we feel will work best with a specific client’s brand and a specific type of event. As part of the conceptual phase of an event, be it a conference or a year-end function, a design that can be pulled through into every element of the event is vital and the design is applied to invitations, menus, event apps, name badges, PowerPoints and videos. Colours and concepts taken from the design work are applied to décor, costumes and technical element such as staging and lighting.


Internal Events

Your staff is your most valuable asset and you should be keeping them informed and inspired. If you’re not, we can help you. Internal marketing and incentivising is at least as important as external marketing and incentives. We’ll stage corporate theatre, disruptive interventions, flash mobs and inspirational marketing campaigns anywhere in your building - anyway, anytime!


Copywriting and Content Creation

Covid saw us spending a lot more time on what was previously a secondary offering – copywriting and content creation. We now have clients in South Africa and Europe that employ us for the sole purpose of creating and writing content for websites, social media, newsletters, printed materials and videos. We allocate an appropriate content creator to your company, depending on the tone-of-voice, level and amount of writing required.

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