Liberty Staff Innovation Activation


Using the format of the ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ improv show, using a troupe of improv comedians, we staged an interactive show in the atrium of Liberty Corporate. The shows were a resounding success.


Each audience member enjoyed caramelised designer popcorn during the performances and received a portable beach chair as a gift to thank them for their contributions. On the day of the event, actors took on the roles of retirees, some of whom had saved for their retirement and some of whom hadn’t.


They were placed at strategic points in the building to bring the concept of planning for retirement to life. A vox pops video played on screens over the next few days, showing what retired people need from a retirement annuity and what young people believe they need from an annuity. The video was filmed in and around Jo’burg and showed the needs of a variety of demographics.


Scope of work:

  • Creative concept and execution
  • Management of technical
  • Management and direction of video and edit
  • Booking and management of comedians
  • Scripting
  • All gifting and branding


Key Highlights:

Making over 600 people laugh in one day and seeing their passion to create a new product that takes care of retired people. Obtaining horses-mouth information from retired people was a real wakeup call.


Gather innovative ideas from staff for a new retirement product

  • Client

    Liberty Life

  • PAX

    200 @ 3 Shows

  • Audience

    Liberty staff

  • Format

    Live show and video

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