Hollard’s 40th Future Vision

As part of his message to Hollardites at Hollard’s 40th birthday bash, CEO Saks Ntombela asked us to put together a high impact, dramatic video that looked to the future, using the top 20 forecast megatrends as a framework. The video was to be inspiring, while bringing the reality of the world’s future challenges to the fore. The trends were divided into people, economic, tech and meta trends which, in turn, were broken down into 20 subcategories all of which had to be mentioned without making the video obviously segmented.

The video had to end in a way that allowed Saks to say:

“There are not many 40-year-olds who would survive such a world;

not many 40-year-olds who could cope with such rapid change;

and certainly not many 40-year-olds who would thrive in the chaos.

But Hollard is no ordinary forty-year-old.”

We think it achieved what it was supposed to and the audience loved it!

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