Working Towards Transformation & Women Empowerment

Through our Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment initiatives, we support projects run by women in rural areas.


Creating Opportunities

We ensure that we employ underexposed artists, previously disadvantaged individuals, and local communities to work on our projects whenever and wherever possible. This practice creates opportunities for emerging suppliers to receive exposure to corporate markets and potential clients, earn a higher-than-usual living for the period of the project, and establish long-term prospects via our clients and suppliers. Whether it is a beadwork artist, a human statue, a graffiti artist, a fine artist or a community project that gets kids off the street and onto BMXes and rollerblades, we do our best to offer life-changing opportunities.



As a member of the Event Greening Forum (EGF), we encourage our clients to create sustainable, green projects by reducing printing, doing away with bottled water, using local suppliers, offsetting their carbon footprint, and putting in place waste management plans at their events. We facilitate the green-auditing of events hand-in-hand with the EGF and provide not only peace-of-mind, but Board approved certification!



Our industry is an ever-evolving one and needs to stay fresh and energised. We bring young blood into the company to learn the trade while they are still studying, allowing them to structure their own work days so that they can complete their studies while they earn a salary and learn all about the industry on a practical level. We also offer holiday jobs for students so that they get a feeling for what we do and make some pocket money too!

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