Left Brain, Right Brain

Everyone asks us about the brain in our corporate identity. We developed this imagery to communicate the fact that we offer a perfectly balanced solution of creative and production. Where many companies are very creative, their delivery in terms of production, logistics and management is lacking. Where many companies are very good logistically, they fall short creatively. We have always offered both. Therefore, our name – Creative Directions.

But, the brain that you see in our CI is not only about this balance. It represents the huge amount of knowledge that we have gained over the years. You see, the funny and fabulous thing about the event industry is that, through no effort of our own, we become quite knowledgeable about all sorts of industries as we get to know our clients. From insurance to aviation, from heavy earth moving equipment to soft drinks, we get to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Whether we are exposed to these industries through the videos and corporate theatre that we create, or the conferences and awards events that we stage, we learn at least a little bit about each industry every time we create new work. FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), Corporate Governance, Cellular, Technology – little snippets of information reach us as we call the cues from behind a control desk or call the shots on a video shoot; during editing or rehearsals; during scripting or speaker training.

In the 16 years that Creative Directions has been around, we have learnt invaluable information about mining, farming, casinos, healthcare, travel, tourism, finance, governance, government, service delivery, aviation, and even cement! We believe that you should never stop learning, never stop discovering new and interesting fields of knowledge. So, finding new clients in new industries is not only a challenge that we welcome. It’s a no-brainer.

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Claudia Eicker-Harris
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