PROJECT GOAL:  Refresh the brand’s visual language


CREATIVE CONCEPT:   Heritage Made New’

Radium wanted to refresh their brand language to herald a new era for the company, one in which a new generation would take the business into a more technologically advanced future. However, the brand essence was to be maintained.

The warthog which embodies the spirit of the brand was initially designed when a friend of the family sketched it on a napkin. This was the only version made available and the instruction was to maintain the integrity of the original drawing while making it functional on new technology platforms.  The main logo was to be made more visually exciting and relevant in a modern agricultural environment.

Client: Radium Engineering

Format: Design

Audience: Agricultural Industry


Scope of Work:

Creative concept  |  Redesign of logos  |  Redesign of letterheads, business cards, machinery branding and other collateral


Key Highlights:

Working for a family-owned and -run business that is competing in a massive industry while maintaining their intrinsic family values and personal touch… just like us.

Format: Design
Radium Engineering
Logos, Branding
Audience: Agricultural Industry